Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can You Taste Summertime?

I can…

In the rain that falls in June on my face with my palms held high.
In the vanilla ice cream we churn outside …that’s summertime.

In the homegrown tomatoes and watermelons that I bite.
Through the window screen on a hot August night –
When the wind blows just right.

On a dusty dirt road in the country – while riding my bike
I can taste summer in sweet iced tea with a lemon slice.

In the drink that I take from a garden hose – while washing Dad’s car
and in the fresh strawberries from my Granny’s backyard.

In the misty night air while chasing zipping fireflies
and in fried catfish that I eat at the lake in July.

In the green grass when it grows and when it’s mowed
I can taste it when it blows and blows.

Yes I can taste summertime almost any time it seems -
thinking summertime thoughts in my February dreams.

Brian Hilligoss, 2004

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