Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Real Magic

Since starting this blog a couple of weeks ago, my goal was to post once a week. Some weeks I may only post some lyrics from one of my songs. Others I may only post a photo or a short thought that I found inspiring. Things that I run onto during my day to day - that need to be noted. Experiences that I want to share, but I wouldn't just run up to a buddy and say "Hey, guess what moved me today?" Perhaps I should, but I am sure folks think I share too much already. Man, if they only knew.

This week, a lot rolling around in my head, so I am posting again.

There is a book from Wayne Dyer that I read quite a few years back. Real Magic. It's about noticing miracles, large and tiny, in our world and how they can affect our lives. I am not a huge Wayne Dyer follower, but for me, this book struck a few G chords. Even if you are not a spiritual person, it is a good read just as a reminder that sometimes a cigar is NOT just a cigar.

My wife, Brenda, raises at least one brow when I quip "I believe in magic." But I do. I will tell her and the kids - I believe in Santa Claus. After they realize that I am serious each time, I suppose they consider that I am brainwashed into believing that he exists, but I don't believe Santa exists. However, I do believe "in" Santa. I believe in the value of Santa and all that goes with it. To me - he is magic and that magic is real.

Still with me? Okay, the Santa thing is an extreme example.

If you have read the other posts in my blog so far, you will know that they are about "magic." Everyday, ordinary...magic. Miracles that have touched me deeply enough that I want to remember them and the feeling I get when I realize they have occurred. Some day I will post my "Three Crows" experience. Not your everyday magic.

The taxi driver in Vegas. The one in New Orleans. The one I haven't mentioned from New York - who claimed to be the richest man in the world. When I inquired about his wealth - he showed me photos of his family. All taped to his dashboard. A tiny nugget of magic for me.

Today's miracle is brought to you by Zack. Zack is a boy, I would guess to be about 16 or so. He goes to my church and is faced with multiple physical and mental disabilities. But the glass is always, in my experiences with him, full. Not half full. Certainly not half empty or worse. At least at church he is always glad to just have a seat, although he doesn't stay in it. He wanders around sometimes during the service to spread, what I call "Zacklove."

Recently, he underwent some surgery on one of his feet and was recovering, but he was at church. Pretty much, this situation has just slowed down his mission, but not his will as he shuffles around.

Last Sunday, I took an "emergency" pause from the Sermon (sorry Jerry) to visit the water fountain. While out in the lobby, I ran onto Zack and his father, who was helping him to the restroom or possibly to children's church. I couldn't help but notice his cast and his sock half on during his painful struggle to keep upright as he sort of dragged his ailing foot behind him. My heart went out to him. I felt bad for him and his family.

As Zack and his dad walked closer I must have been focused on his situation and not really "him." By the time I was a few feet from him I looked up to his face. He was grinning ear to ear and looking straight at me. Once we were close enough for him to lunge toward me - I smiled and he responded in record time with a thoughtful, genuine, "I love you."

I am sure that he was the only person who said those words to me that day and I shall never forget them. Or the real magic he shared with me. "Zackmagic."

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  1. Thanks for sharing Zacklove with everyone, Brian. With all his challenges, real or perceived, Zach has got to be the most genuine person, with the most genuine love, I have ever met. I thank God every time I see Zach that He has given me the blessing of knowing such an incredible young man.