Saturday, March 13, 2010

Got Haunting?

Howdy Blogland.

I have been surprised at the amount of interactivity I have experienced on this blog over the last 2 weeks. Seems as though folks have been very curious about "Jesus is Haunting Me" - what the music is like, why I wrote it, had I recorded it yet, etc.

Read the posting prior to this for the "back story" and lyrics.

I have to say some of you have been mighty opinionated as to how this should be treated. Which I take as a compliment that folks are making it their own. I describe to some that it is a sassy rocker - a bit of a rebellious thang that describes my annoyance with the omnipresence of the Holy Ghost when I have other things on the agenda.

I started jotting notes for this tune a couple of years ago, but only finished it up in the last 6 months - primarily, because I "live" this song. I live "in" this song. If I completed it - action would be in order. Maybe I have crossed that bridge.

Anyway - as I described the feel of the song to those asking - they seemed disappointed. I think they were looking for something more - thoughtful. Something deeper than "ticked off." Something more - well - haunting.

You guys win. I have changed the music to suit the listener this time.

I plan to make this blog more interactive in the future. I value your opinions and want to hear from you.

Below is a rough demo. Tell me what you think.


Jesus is Haunting Me by bhilligoss


  1. Awesome! What about a rocking chorus (min 2:11) to reflect the struggle we all face: getting pulled back to the 'dark side'? Love the 'haunting' echo. Very talented indeed!